You Are a Genius

Why I decided to call my Business Genius108

The phrase is NOT reserved for a select few elite individuals in life, when in fact the opposite is actually true. Each and every person on this planet was born a genius. We must just learn to live as one, because you have the ability within you to be an extraordinary individual. Which is why I decided to call my business Genius108? You are a Genius and can achieve a balanced abundant life in each and every area. The question is, are you living life as a Genius?

GENIUS108 Online Course

Most people are stuck in life, working hard just to fulfil someone else’s dream.

The Genius108 online course will allow you to find your purpose in life, so that you can live with passion and create an abundant life of wealth, health, happiness & joy.

We will help you to lead a "Balanced" life.

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One to One Coaching

Fast-track Your Personal Growth

Why figure everything out the hard way. Nobody has made it alone. Be guided by someone who has the experience. A mentor can cut years off your learning. With my vast experience as a Currency Trader, I have walked the talk and can help you manifest abundance in your life.

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Free “Awakening” Course

This is one of the best and powerful online courses, helping you manifest abundance and raise your vibration.

In this free course, we shall show you how you can achieve your dreams with simple success strategies that I have shared with thousands.

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Success Stories

  • Success in trading the financial markets has to be with having the right mental fitness. I was fortunate to come across Jay Lakhani, and attended a 3 day LIVE Workshop in London, which included one full day of live trading. The GENIUS within me was awakened!

    Christophe Broillet Switzerland
  • I would say I have learned heaps and I would say that you are the best mentor I ever met and I ever wish I only met you before. I am very happy for everything that you do in the live trading sessions; your focus on the MENTAL FITNESS was the key! Truly the GENIUS was awakened.

    Wally Tiger Australia
  • One of the participant said: Keep it simple stupid - KISS and he provided link to your website. Very impressed with your training, and you have true desire to help traders achieve their dream. We all have the GENIUS within us, just needed someone to guide me through.

    Marta Kalinowska USA

Upcoming Events

HEAL - Corona Virus & Any Diseases with MIND POWER
Heal Your Heart & Lifestyle Changes for Immunity

Miracles will happen to your life when you start to use the power of your mind, body and your emotions. In presentation:

  1. How I healed serious illness
  2. How to use mind power techniques
  3. Heal your heart of negative emotions
  4. How Lifestyle changes can boost your immune system

31st May 2020.
Click here to register:

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In this free course, we shall show you how you can achieve your dreams with simple success strategies that I have shared with thousands. You will regularly receive weekly words of wisdom, video links which will enable you to be in the Flow.

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